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The Revealer

Add 1-line of code, connect to your CRM, and The Revealer will deliver between 40-70% of your anonymous visitors to your designated list in your CRM platform immediately.


Before The Revealer

Unknown Visitor comes to your landing page, browses, and leaves.

Sadly, they never provided their email-address for one of several reasons:

  1. Typos 

  2. Laziness

  3. Instinct to ignore/bypass email forms

  4. The giveaway/coupon/magnet was weak


FACT: According to Nielsen Report, over 50%+ of ecommerce visitors – those who prefer not to give their email - would still purchase off the store’s newsletter if the right offer came!


After The Revealer

The Revealer legally provides your unknown-visitor’s email address


  1.  You add 1-line of simple code on any page(s) where you wish to collect visitor-emails.

  2. The Revealer analyzes the unique browsing-attributes of Unknown-Visitor i.e. device, geo, browser, login triangulation, etc.

  3. We match Unknown-Visitor to an exact person in our publisher network – the largest in the world, thanks to our partnerships with 4,100+ leading consumer brands and DTC platforms.

  4. Finally, we add Unknown-visitor’s email seamlessly into your ESP - compliantly.

Easy API Integration

Integrate The Revealer with any CRM or Automation Tool

Currently integrated via API with these trusted vendors, and adding more all the time.

TheRevealer API Logos.png

Our Clients

Why companies like The Revealer?

"I wish we did this earlier"

“I wish we monetized visitor emails earlier, that represented a good chunk of revenue over the years because we only previously focused on buyer-emails. We experienced +10.5% increase in email-captures and a +17% boost in daily email revenue. This was huge for us.”

Your Cosmic Manifesto.png

Erwin A., Head of UI

Your Cosmic Manifesto



Doesn't This Upset People?

That's what we used to think, too!

However, when you do it the right way, people are actually happy to receive your messages. 


We have some very simple tricks to welcoming them that instantly changes any irritation into an appreciative feeling for most people and understanding for the rest. 

Below, you'll find our basic Welcome Email Template that diffuses any frustration:

  1. ​"Thanks For Visiting (site)..."
    "we want to win you over."

  2. "Here's a Free Gift". (or coupon)

  3. Please Unsubscribe if you don't want to hear from us.

Wait! Is This Legal?

Yes, of course. It's 100% Legal if the visitor is USA-based (and we only provide USA-based data).

The US is an opt-out country, unlike the EU visitors who you must be GPDR compliant for.

For the USA, per the CAN-SPAM Act, CCPA, & CPRA, you're allowed to send direct marketing email messages to anyone, without permission, until the recipient explicitly requests to opt-out.

So, as long as you have a working unsubscribe link on the list you add your site visitors to, you're all set.

*Plus, we will provide you with copy for your privacy policy that bullet proofs your use of the data as well.


Is It Better than ____?

While there are a few similar services on the market, most of them only provide B2B Contact info, while we provide consumer contact info, not businesses.

We our not "data aggregators."​

We source our data directly from email service platforms that we own (plus some from Adobe.)

What this means:

  1.  We provide the highest match-coverage rate (40-70%). Higher converting than others.

  2. Our AI pre-detects which anonymous visitors are high-value, high-intent buyers, like having x-ray vision on the anonymous visitors.

  3. In addition to email addresses, we can also provide phone #, age/gender, net-worth, etc. 

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